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July 26, 2015

More of The Same

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. I guess.

A while ago I found a roll of Mom's film in the box of old pictures. By "a while ago", I mean a couple of years. Last month I finally took it to be developed (first I had to find a place that still did that kind of old fashioned thing). CVS [drugstore] did; it was dropped off. Retrieved it Friday and it was a total bust. I'm not sure if it was ever processed (as in pictures taken), or whether they fucked it up. No way of knowing.
It was surprisingly disappointing as it held the possibility of being one last glimpse of her.

I need a dental implant. The tooth that was giving trouble right before I went to the wedding cracked (or was cracked and that's why it was bugging me) and there is no repairing it. We have a school of dentistry at UNC and I will be going there (sorry Dr. K., you're fabulous, but this is a third of the cost.). My dental insurance only pays (no where near the whole cost) for one implant  ONCE a lifetime. I am a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Still antsy. Still judging my life by others and finding myself soooooo boring. I know - stop doing that. Whatever.
Do you do this: while watching a movie, think on all the actiony things the actors had to learn for the role and think how afraid you are to do them? Guess acting's out of my career possibilities, eh? When did I get so afraid of everything?

Speaking of ants, they are FINALLY waning. Bought liquid ant traps at Home Depot and they seem to be doing the trick.

Oscar Wilde (the cat, not the man) is upping his peeing on random things behavior. It's intermittent, not like when he had that whatever it was a couple of years ago, when he had to go a lot. This is just asshole behavior. He's peeing on stuff he never peed on before, like the blanket he sleeps on all the time or the pillow in the chair in my room, or the rug in the guest bathroom. He even tried to pee on the bamboo rug I put in there, thinking it was safe. It is seriously pissing (heh) me off.

The stupid state of NC requires cats to have a yearly rabies shot. This in spite of them being indoor cats and mostly likely the first rabies shot they had is still active. But the titer test (tests if vaccine is active) is so expensive that it's cheaper to vaccinate them again. And now the regular vet is requiring a current rabies test before they will trim their nails. Lillie has a two day reaction every time she has a shot. Granted she is quiet for two days, but I hate that the reason is she feels bad.
Anyway, this year Oscar and Lillie are getting the 3 year rabies vaccine; they've found a slightly higher incident of cancer with the 3 year, but they are 15+ and 13. Frankly with the amount of stress it causes them us, even with the mobile vet coming to the house, it's worth the trade off. She is a schosh cheaper; the regular vet requires a "wellness" check-up before they will administer shots and they always want to do a senior panel on Oscar (probably Lillie now too) and I'm not going to do it (then you get the horrible pet owner look. You evil vile person. We're calling PETA now.). They're going to live out their kitty lives without that.

Okay, I'm done boring you for the time being.

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