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February 13, 2014

They Lord, Y'all

This dating thing gets more interesting...or creepy, as time goes on.

Contacted today by the N'awlins person I had coffee with a few months ago.
One time.
Daytime coffee.

He wanted to know if I would be, if I didn't already have such a friend, his f__k buddy. (Anon CP's brother suggested I reply "You know I'm a man, right?" LOL!)

What in the world possesses someone you had coffee with ONCE to ask you that?! It's quite a leap.

Another Southern boy (SC) called me Monday to tell me a "funny family story" involving masturbation and a 65 year old aunt.

Honey, in my part of the South, we call that child abuse. (See Florida darlin'? You don't have all the weird.)

Then a friend pointed out that maybe that never happened, but perhaps there was a fantasy element involved. And me being a bit older than  him... oh my god. So creepy.

I have higher expectations for Southern boys and they are disappointing me mightily this week.

The one that's behaving most chivalrously at the moment is the Mark Ruffalo look alike.
A damn Yankee.
Go figure.

Where are the normal people?!

This post BEGS for some music, but I am stumped.

February 9, 2014

The Latest Scoop

Because I KNOW you all live vicariously through me...

"The Lego Movie" = total fun. And how the heck did they film that?! Amazing.

Enjoying the "Circles" album by Mike Doughty. Formerly of Soul Coughing. "El Oso" is one of those CDs I never get tired of. Like Neil Finn's "Try Whistling This".

Saw this necklace (Sticks Together) by Erika Strum last weekend in the Eno Gallery in Hillsborough; sat in the car for twenty minutes trying to talk myself out of it.

Don't need it... Don't need it... Don't need it...Okay, just go try it on.
Maybe it will look bad and you can walk away. Such a cunning plan I had!

Then she told me it was reversible. Ergh.

It makes a lovely tinkling noise, like a little wind chime at my neck. And it's ART dammit.

Speaking of art - I L.O.V.E. the marsh paintings by Jacob Cooley. I can practically smell the brine.

Really like the paintings by Larry Gray too. They are so much more evocative in person. Could look at them forever.

My Durham skyline necklace by Metamorphosis Metals is finally complete! Major the Bull added today at Vespertine.

Also bought this adorable Bitchy Resting Face bird print: 

Enough of art. (As if.)

Now on to the world of dating.

Had a very nice date Wednesday night. Funny, nice looking (like a white haired Mark Ruffalo), proper usage of both English and utensils. Two sweet kisses on the lips at the end. Text yesterday that he would be back in town in a couple of weeks and we'd do it again. Well okay then. Just remember those cowboy boots, Mister.

On the same topic: 
A "friend" had an interesting dating experience recently...
It's Date #2. While driving/showing him around town (he's from another city in NC), a hand was laid on the thigh while driving, sans permission (if it's not obvious, he was the hand layer). Later he went in for a kiss, not once, but twice, calling for the cheek deflect move. There were more dating crimes, but these were the most egregious. 

She politely explained the lack of spark in an email, but now he is begging for forgiveness, to the tune of four to five groveling emails. My "friend" is torn between salvaging a friendship (same profession), or cutting her losses. 

What say you readers? 
Line crossed, no going back? Will he take forgiveness as a sign of hope? Will she be fighting him off for the remainder if she does extend the olive branch? Or should she stick to the initial lack of spark email and call it a day (meaning, don't respond to any of his groveling)? 

Y'all have a good week, free from hand layers...unless of course, you want that.