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October 13, 2013

Fingers Crossed

  • Thank you for all the good thoughts - they're working! The knot in my thigh is much smaller. Still having excruciating leg cramps almost every night, even with drinking lots of water and taking potassium. Ugh. (Feel free to add that to the good thoughts list)
  • We're in Oregon weather mode, which would be fine if we were in Oregon; looking like it will continue through Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Finally corralled Mr. Wilde into a carrier yesterday (still possess all of my limbs!) and took him to the vet for a nail trim. Ah, blessed silence - no more clickclickclick! He was mad at every living thing in the house when he got back. Didn't want me to pet him, wouldn't accept a piece of chicken. That's pissed.
  • Acorns are falling from the two big white oaks in the side yard; sometimes it sounds like a hailstorm when I'm in the home "office" (a.k.a. my guest room closet).
  • After our abbreviated walk around the Duke East Campus yesterday, we ate at the adorable little Hummingbird Bakery. Oh my god - butterscotch custard! Then went shoe shopping right next door. Custard and SHOES! Could life be more perfect?! I bought a pair of earrings (they were in my price range, whereas the shoes were not): 

Sterling silver earrings by Karen Schmelzer

  • It's almost Oscar Wilde's 159th birthday (the man, not the cat.).
  • That's all I have dear readers. Have a good week. And thanks for all the love.

October 11, 2013

I'm In A Powerful Bad Mood, Y'all


Last night in Barbell Club I thought I had one more Zercher Squat in me. I truly did.

Turns out, I didn't.

A muscle, ligament, tendon, something - lurchedpoppedrolled over the bone at the top of my thigh when I did that one more squat.

Now Paul didn't say do one more - that was all me. ARGH! I FINALLY find the thing I love to do and go and injury myself. So pissed off at myself!

Today I arnica-ed the knot to high heaven using both the oral pellets and the topical gel. It held up during kickboxing tonight; I was very careful not to do squats or lunges (when it hurts the most).

And I am missing my mother today. Missing her as in needing a Kleenex now because I'm crying (again) missing her.

And it's been raining for years.

And yellow jackets are finding my car so interesting for some reason. And you all know how I feel about them.

And I'm almost a year older.

And I can't get Oscar in a carrier to get his nails clipped, so his hind nails clickclickclick on the floor and it is driving me mad. If I have to call the mobile [expensive] vet, I am going to be very very upset with him.

All first world problems. I am well aware.

There's more, but I don't feel like talking about it here. Not now. Not yet.

If your inclinations run to this, my wounded thigh would be most grateful for a prayer, or a candle lit, or good thoughts thunk.

Good night dear readers.

October 6, 2013

The Worst Part

of writing this blog is thinking of a damn title for the post. Not all the time of course. But often enough.


  • All that shit I've been doing must be working, (even though the damn bingo wings and menopot are still very much present), because yesterday I bought a size smaller pair of jeans. Just never you mind about the spandex content in said jeans. (A.K.A."Fiddle dee dee" in Southern girl speak.) As Anon CP said, if they zip and snap - that's all that matters. 
  • Speaking of all that shit working, I joined a bodybuilding site to track my progress somewhere other than Facebook. It's a site I reference for the name of whatever we did in Barbell Club (what was that painful thing that crushed my clavicle called again?). I currently have three "friends" - all extremely buff 20 somethings. Hilarious. I would squash them like a bug - emotionally, physically, and mentally.
  • While we're on the subject of clavicles, doesn't it sounds like it should be somewhere below the belt? Maybe that's just me.
  • Wish I'd taken a picture of the leaf in the shape of a whale fluke last week, still thinking about it.
  • Yesterday: an old woman, completely unaware of us, sat on the steps of her little mill house, lost in the blossoms of the impatiens on the step next to her. Such a poignant evocative image, but a photo seemed too invasive. She reminded me of Mom. 
  • Today I thought my steam cleaner had died - alas and alack! The end of the world as I know it! But then it miraculously was healed and floor cleaning commenced. Best $150 I ever spent. 
  • What the hell else? After two months (tomorrow actually), the Old Sea Dog [OSD] and I are still...something. In communication. We'll leave it at that, shall we?
  • It was 91 degrees here yesterday, y'all. At least it wasn't humid. What the hell happened to autumn?! I was not happy to turn on the AC again, let me tell you. 
  • My next tattoo will be "Fear Is A Liar" on my right forearm. If Dogstar will ever call me back. I'll ask Kathryn to jus it up with some knot work. Like this: 

    Thought for the week: ‎"Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness." Seneca  

    Go forth and be kind, readers.