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March 15, 2014

What's To Become of Me?

I imagine this is the question my blog is asking. A month between posts...even after promising to do better.

I don't know little blog. I don't know.

Perhaps part of the problem is that I have not had a full pajama day in weeks.
After ten years I finally drank the Church of College Basketball Kool-Aid. My favorite - UNC women's basketball. (Go Heels!) Those darn Sunday games take up valuable PJD real estate.

We've had snow, ice, more ice, and there's more ice on the way. In between 70 degree days. Last week it went from 33 to 74 in one day. Another day it went from 55 to 24 in several hours.
It is hell getting dressed in the morning. No matter what you put on, it's wrong.

I feel like I've injured just about every part of myself. Current injury is the left Achilles tendon. Here I am, trying to do the right thing by working out and my body just keeps crapping out on me. It's ever so annoying.
What is it about an injury that makes people want to tell you horror stories? It's the reason I don't go to baby showers anymore. It turns into the Top This Length of Labor or Biggest Episiotomy Ever. Ugh.

Dating has slowed to a crawl. Thank god I have women's basketball to occupy my time.

Listening to Neko Case non stop. I like singer/songwriters - poets who can turn a phrase - "Damp and bruised by strangers kisses on my lips." Or "I'm so tired, I wish I was the moon tonight."

Anyway, that's it for now little blog.
Sleep tight.