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January 28, 2014

The End of An Era and Other Random Things

Has it really been a MONTH since I last posted? How in the WORLD?!

I threw the steam cleaner in the garbage.
It had been acting flaky the last few times I used it. Sunday, after the third time the water went straight through it into a puddle on the floor, I said screw it and tossed it in the garbage. I got my $150 out of it over the past three years. I am looking for a less expensive option this go round.

What else? We went through another Barbell Club coach; apparently we are hell on coaches. Or rather, they start coaching us and realize what they REALLY want to do with their lives. Heh.

Dating. That's still happening. I had a date at a Waffle House a few weeks ago. Whoo! The caliber of people I attract. That person didn't work out (because he didn't find me "romantic". I chalked that comment up to ironic.), but a Burlington Coat Factory was right there and I got a new raincoat, so win! for me. An aside to men out there - don't come on a date and talk about how all women lie. WTF dude.
My dating mantra: IT'S NOT ME, IT'S YOU. Yep.

It's snowing right now.
Because it started snowing at around 6:30 PM, local schools had an early release this morning. That's right - this morning. Oodles of hours before it started snowing.
North Carolina, the Chicken Little of the South.

What else? I saw this amazing poster on the back of the bathroom door at Fiction Kitchen in Raleigh Saturday night. 1957, Roger Corman. Of course.

There's more, but I'm tired and you're probably bored, so that's all for now.