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November 30, 2013

Bunch of Other Stuff

Well maybe not a bunch. But definitely some.

  • Made an appointment with Kathryn at Dogstar for the next tattoo on the inside of my right forearm on December 23rd. Won't be doing "Fear is a Liar" after all; she talked me out of it - she knows what I want more than I do. Heh. It will be free form, as you'll see the end in the knots. True knot work you can't see the beginning or end of the knot - but it needs to be big so it doesn't close up. Don't have that option on the forearm. I suppose I'll have to match the left forearm at some point 'cause that's how tattoos are - can't have just one. Some people do not get the Pictish inclination for the tattoos. Whatever. It's in my DNA.
  • Speaking of DNA - did I tell you found my two percent "Uncertain"? Caucasus. (Syria, Iran, Iraq) Seriously not the woodpile I was expecting. Things are more broken down - 24% Ireland. 7% British Isles. 61% Western Europe (My Scandinavian is Danish; my gut feeling.). That explains why I love the rowing machine - all that DNA memory of longboats. Heh.
  • Had a very nice Thanksgiving at Susan and Tony's house. They entertain like I wish I did. No worry, no stress. You're family; hanging around the table nibbling on cheese and drinking cava, everyone at ease. My contributions were bacon jam and cranberry conserve. Talked to The Boy and OSD in the morning. It was a lovely day.

Thanksgiving 2013

  • The dates had died out there for a bit, perhaps due to holidays. Now I have one tomorrow night with a poet from Hillsborough. Here's hoping he doesn't hold his spoon like a two year old
  • Went to the Durham Rock and Shop Market at the Durham Armory today and spent $ on ME. (I'm my favorite person to spend money on.) Bought a fused glass skull necklace by Isabel's Rose and a Durham skyline necklace by Metamorphosis Metals. The bull can be added later if I want. And I want. It pretty much makes the skyline.

  • On the weightlifting front, I did squats with 95 lbs Tuesday night knee hurt. Just saying. Then overhead presses and Turkish Get ups. All my least favorite stuff in one night. UGH.
  • I'm restless and moving the furniture doesn't help. If [when] I dream I'm pregnant, we're in trouble. (new beginnings and change.)
  • A friend gave me this hat. I think of myself as more of a fedora person. What do you think?

Alright, that's it for now.

Durham, It's Not For Everyone

Of the three towns [Carrboro, Chapel Hill, Durham] I've lived in since moving to NC ten and half years ago, none are as urbanly, edgy, gritty, dangerously I-barely-give-a-shit kind of cool as Durham.

Carrboro is arty but a bit weird, like your aunt who does full moon ceremonies in the back yard and reads tarot cards. Poor old Chapel Hill wants to be hip, but falls flat. It's staid, starchy, and makes me think of bow-ties and suspenders.

Raleigh is too big and spread out to be cool, although they try desperately. Their little acorn is so... cute. Whatev Raleigh. We've got a MFing BULL, bitches.

Ten years ago, Durham was very different. Downtown was non-existent; boarded up buildings, zero people walking around. Now, all times of the day and night, people are out walking, shopping, eating.
(The New York Times listed Durham as one of four domestic locations in its compilation of “The 41 Places to Go in 2011,”

Here's a tasty article on the evolution of Durham's local food culture. Rough around the edges, and proud of it. Keep it dirty Durham.

Gin Wigmore's "Black Sheep":

November 23, 2013

Time Flies

Whether you're having fun or not.

What the heck was so important that I neglected YOU, my dear readers, for another three weeks?!
(Did you even notice I was AWOL? You can be honest.)

Truth is, not a damn thing.

I hereby promise to do better at posting my usual boring fare. You know, the stuff you read to put you to sleep.


Those of you who are regulars here know that I don't normally discuss undergarments, but these are so amazing, I just have to. Underwear by Naomi & Nicole has a sticky portion (I know, it sounds weird, but trust The Sock Monkey on this, okay?) around the legs that glues those knickers to your rear end in a way that 1.) doesn't hurt, 2.) keeps them in place, and 3.) erases VPLs.
They are GENIUS. (Wonderful Edge. Tag line: no ride no lines) (P.S. don't watch the video, it's just the mannequin ass spinning around for 22 seconds.)

The world of dating. Yep. Still doing that. It's almost like its own full time job.
The 31 year old (K.) disappeared for a bit, but he's back. We have not had date #2  yet, but we will, my pretty, oh we will.
Had a second date with another gentleman, let's call him A; very nice, easy to talk to, seemingly normal.
First date was coffee. All good.
Date #2 involved food and, dear Jesu Christo y'all, I HAD TO AVERT MY EYES - because, (oh babies, I can hardly speak of it)... he held the spoon in his fist!
In the deal breaker category, that's damn close to a comb-over (comb overs - just stop that shit. Shave that pate and be proud.). The worst part, besides doing it in the first place, there was no shame. So, we either never see each other again OR we never eat together again. At least nothing that involves spoons... (Nooooooo...not the soup!) Sigh.

In the weight lifting arena, I dead lifted 170 pounds Thursday night, which is ten pounds over my previous personal best. Our darling Barbell Club coach Paul, (who is as hilarious as he is cute), when asked if I was ever going to get past 160 pounds said, "I'm tired of hearing you whine about being stuck at 160. Put some more weight on and do it." And I did. Ten reps worth.
My upper body sadly, is still unworthy of reporting a personal best. I can barely do 40 pounds in an overhead press. My bench press is only slightly better at 70 pounds. And my squats...well, they are basically a non-entity. I do squats with a kettle bell and risers. The dead lift is my crowning glory. That big Scandinavian arse is good for something - ha!

One more thing: we bloggers are a community of sorts and Andrea over at Go Ask Alice is having a hard time. She lost her cat a few months ago, and now her dog Brio is fighting a losing battle with kidney failure. Please think on her and hers kindly.

Here's some old school good stuff:

And this never gets old either:

November 3, 2013

Where the Heck Have I Been?

I've been out of commission (in the blog writing category) for two weeks. Yikes!

Here's why:
At the urging of my [young] neighbor and ofttimes work out partner, I joined OKCupid and have been dating! Egads!

Y'all, dating is HARD WORK for an introvert! But when I decide to do something, I'm in for a penny, in for a pound.

I had two dates last Saturday and was relieved (say it with me - RELIEVED) when date #3 didn't show on Sunday. Used the unexpected, but welcome, alone time to savor a really fantastic piece of German Chocolate cake at Francesca's, bought the cutest watch ever at Vaguely Reminiscent and went home.

This past Friday I had a very nice date with a 31 year old. They Lord.
Anon CP wryly commented, "Apple, tree", alluding to my mother and the much younger evil BF. Just as I took a swig of coffee. Said coffee almost came out my nose from laughing. But guess what? I would totally go out with him again. (and shhhhh... if he went in for a kiss, I so would.)

This morning I had a lovely coffee date with an age appropriate gentleman who's from New Orleans originally. You can hear it in his voice (it's a lovely accent).
Thursday I have a date with someone from Charlotte; scary amount of things in common with him, including being a seventh generation Floridian, born in J'ville. (We've determined we are not cousins. Whew!)
And this coming Saturday, date #2 with date #2 from last Saturday.

All that reading of profiles, answering messages, and deleting the [surprisingly numerous] ones from 22 year olds who think ancient ladies such as myself are needing to be laid by them, (really?!), is exhausting.

Meanwhile, the leaves are finally turning:
East Campus of Duke University
Andrea of Go Ask Alice sent me the cutest Sock Monkey calendar. But even more special was the lovely note she wrote (she said I was elegant. Can you imagine?!). When (that's right, when) I go to Portland, I am so visiting her and Alice.

What the heck else? I think that's it for now. Stay tuned....

"Holy Holy Holy" by Wye Oak
Songwriters: Wasner, Jennifer Lynn
Holy, holy, holy
There is no other story
Holy, holy, holy
It is blindly seeking my story

Hold me, hold me, hold me
Would you like to know me?
And don't fall unless to free
And lonely seeking as they need

Further choice and secrets our heart stores
We are the only way in my real world
A children for the blessed, for an old count
A tri-star upon your mind in my delight

All they say is, can we contain this?
A human, you're his precious
And I, oh sure, know this
When everyone should know this

Holy, holy, holy
There is no other story
It is blindly seeking my story
We will be who we want to be

Further choice and secrets our heart store
We are the only way in my real world
A children for the blessed, for an old count
A tri-star upon your mind in my delight

Ah, you will be mine
Ah, you will be mine
Ah, you will be mine
Ah, you will be mine

Holy, holy, holy
There is no other story
Holy, holy, holy