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February 17, 2015

It's ALIVE! And Other Thoughts

As full as my head is of thoughts, how is it I get here so rarely anymore to write them down?

Lazy, I suppose.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

December - January was tough. Full of the sadness. Self loathing. Self destruction. Some years grief decides to kick one upside the head. It sure did this past year, starting in October. There were about six people in the entire world that I could stand to be around for longer than a minute. Mostly they were the ones who just let me be.

Yeah. Pretty much.

You know how people look when they walk into a spider web? The flailing desperate attempts to GET IT OFF? That's how I felt - about people.
Deactivated Facebook for a time and when I came back, I deleted 70 plus people. From high school. That I knew 23 years ago and with whom I no longer have anything in common. Friends of friends of friends. Children of friends. Friends of my parents. People who love the Second Amendment or whatever that gun one is. People who were virulent about any position on any damn thing. You're welcome to think that way (I hold those types of positions on some things myself and have probably been defriended because of them), but frankly my dears, you made me tired.

And you know what? When the purge was done, I felt relieved.

The ascent out of The Pit of Despair is now well under way.

In other news, through Ancestry and DNA, there's a new cousin, Trudy. We are fourth cousins, once removed. Her husband is experiencing some memory impairment and she has started a blog:
The Slings and Arrows of Life. It's good. Check it out.

Today is a snow day. Actually more of an ice slush day.

The poor people in Boston (and New Hampshire and Maine) - I can hear their eyes rolling back in their heads from here.

In other news, I MIGHT be going to Burning Man. MIGHT. Already missed the first registration. But just completed the volunteer application in the tradition of positive thinking.

OH! The Boy and The Girl are getting married in June. My sister is my plus-one. We're super excited because we're staying in a yurt. (it's surprising at how many people don't know what a yurt is.)

I think that's enough summing up for now.