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February 20, 2012

Right Now

I dislike all my cats.

Each one of them does something annoying:
Lillie never shuts up, Finn scratches the furniture - in spite of a vast array of scratching posts (horizontal and vertical) in every damn room, and Oscar tears holes in sheets and blankets. Just now I found a triangular tear in my silk comforter. Errrrrgggghhhhhhh!

In other news, I FINALLY have an appointment with Kathryn at Dogstar Tattoo. In April.
I just threw away copies of Scandinavian knot work - the curse of the purger. I have to have a raven on my right shoulder blade because of a dream. I wrote about the dream in a post on my other blog, but I can't find it now. it is, from July 2011, further back than I remembered.

Every since I was a young whippersnapper, I wished I'd find a baby crow or raven so I could raise it. It turns out that it's my birth month totem.
Get out!

February 12, 2012

Weekly Roundup

First, let me 'splain about the whole email blog post thingy.

Following me does not mean you will get the posts, it just means you like me and I like that. It makes me happy to see all those little square faces to my left. And it's important to keep The Sock Monkey Hat happy!

To get the posts automatically you have to do one (only one) of these things (starting with biggest pain in ass factor):
- Bookmark the site and remember to check it every day (okay, every week), 
- Sell your soul one more time Sign up for Google Reader and add this blog to your subscriptions
- Add your email address in the space marked "Email address" under the title of the blog (see it? very faint gray writing in a white box), then click the SUBMIT button alllllll the way to the right of the white box.

Hope this helps.

Oscar spotted him a Yellow Shafted Flicker this morning.

Two people I know had their appendixes out last week and both of them had a bit of a scare because of it.
My darling niece was medi-vacced from Juneau to Seattle because of hers. They are both on the mend now though. Whew!

Invited into the inner Drag Queen circle last night (which was our first anniversary of volunteering). We were asked to join The Queens for a drink after Drag Bingo. Seriously exciting.

I had a norovirus (milder version, but still ewwww) on Tuesday and lost 6 lbs. in one day. Thanks for helping me over that plateau  I'd been hovering on for weeks. Haven't wanted to eat anything but tuna salad since. Weird.


February 5, 2012

Doctor, Doctor

So after being on Atkins for five months, I've lost 35 pounds.

Here are other stats:

Total cholesterol: down 16 points
LDL: down 28 points
Triglycerides: down 11 points
HDL: up 14 points
Blood sugar: down 8 points
Blood pressure: down 12 points

A ways to go yet, but moving in the right direction.



Are supposed to be a day of rest. Would someone PLEASE tell my cats that?!

At 07:00 Lillie had already been at it (it being meowing in my face) for a half hour. At 07:30 Finn was hanging from the curtains. Oscar was jumping on and off the bed. Finn was knocking stuff off the night stand and skittering whatever it was down the hallway while Lillie watched and meowed her approval (or disapproval perhaps). Finn was kneading the pillow - the one my head was using. Oscar was jumping on and off the bed. Finn was scratching - THE CHAIR. Lillie was trying to get under the covers and getting right back out.

I've already used the "f" word twelve times today. As in - shut the "f" up and get the "f" off of that.

In other cat news, Oscar spent all day Thursday at the vet on account of not peeing. Rather, peeing a lot, but in really small amounts. The good news - no crystals and no blood in his urine. The probable diagnosis is sterile cystitis. He came home all doped up, (and with clipped toe nails - yay!), with meds to carry him through the weekend.
He appears to be getting better, meaning his trips to the litter box are less and his urine more.

Oscar - feeling no pain
They don't eat much dry food, which appears to be a culprit in causing the sterile cystitis. Other causes are being overweight (as both boys are) and stress.
When I say they don't eat much dry food, I mean Oscar and Lillie, because Mr. McCool LOVES him some kitty crack. It's going to be hard weaning him.

He loves his crack so much, this morning he was in the bowl with his portion (much diminished on account of the weaning).
Is this it?!

Wet food is regarded by him as an obligatory appetizer to be dispatched post-haste. Then he runs to sit by the dish [he's standing in above] and look pitiful (and quite adorable I have to confess).


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