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July 21, 2013


There just isn't a title to be had.

I keep thinking of this salad-plate sized magnolia blossom I saw a week ago: an unfurled alabaster fist nestled against the black-green gloss of leaves. It flung itself open to perfume the humid cloak of air and now lies, brown and broken, at the base of the tree.

I also keep thinking of that poor emergency response driver(s) who ran over one of the young women ejected from the Asiana plane. This is all there in my head: the screaming smoke chaos. Burning bleeding foam. The adrenaline; can't get there fast enough; have to help; on overdrive. The terror, the horror.
And the sadness that in our society there is no grace for accidents; that someone must pay, in spite of payment not bringing anyone back. Just so fucking tragic.
Seriously, bless their hearts, every single one. And I mean that in the nice way.

Been missing both my parents lately. Not in a sobbing sad kind of way, more in a niggling feel-like-I'm-forgetting-something kind of way. Sigh.

Here's what I made today:
Gluten free (also low carb), pizza, succotash salad, low carb muffins

Saw this at the library Friday afternoon. Even the sidewalk looks washed out hot.
Grass shadows
There's a cat hair in my wine. But of course. That's really all I got today. Have a good week y'all.

July 4, 2013

Mystery Solved... Part II

So my poor little Blanche had a clogged "moon" roof drain. (when did the sun roof morph into the moon roof? and why?) The Mobile Leak Service guy (who knew?!) came to my workplace and fixed her for $150. Took him longer to print the invoice than it did to unclog the drain.

The high water mark was at 3".
She still has water in the carpet - I am SO excited about that - and what I really should be doing is blotting all that up, but I'm not.
Fate tempter - that's me. There's a bucket of this in the back floorboard:

While we're on the subject of roofs on cars - I'm against them 100%. 
Came with the car; I never use the stupid thing. Reason #1 - albino scalp. Reason #2 - bugs. It's probably been open ten times in ten years. And then only in winter.

Laws, the rain. It's not raining at this moment, but pretty sure it's fixin' to. 

Last Sunday, Chapel Hill had over 5" in a matter of hours - on top of all the rain we've had already. Durham had flooding too, but didn't seem as hard hit as Chapel Hill. 
You can see pictures here: Here's the Trader Joe's parking lot, about two miles from my house:
Photo credit - W.H.

A friend said my blog is always about food and something else, shopping maybe, or was it cleaning? So here's the food portion of this post: Ate at The Palace International last night. That place is so good. 
Also good, Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole; like it with their vegetable tray - jicama, snap peas, carrots, and tomatoes. I like jicama, don't see it too often on the right coast though. Okay, that's all the food for this post.

My bird totem is a raven, land totem is the grizzly bear, my water totem is the orca. 
This documentary (opening in the UK first) about Tilikum looks horrifyingly good/sad. I cried watching the trailer:

I am not a fan of circuses. Sea World, and other places like it, are circuses for sea animals. I've been to Sea World (about a million years ago), and yes, we went to the orca performances. I would not go now. Even then it made me a bit sad. 
We didn't know then how they capture the baby orcas, separate them from their pod, keep them in the equivalent of a bathtub while their pod swims around calling to them. It is heartbreaking. 
My fantasy is joining the Sea Shepherd and kicking ass for whales. 

Well, guess I'll get a shower and get this party started. 

Fourth of July quote: "Patriotism is the virtue of the vicious." -- Oscar Wilde