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February 10, 2013

Yum Yum V - The Last Supper

Yesterday was busy, y'all!

Got up a little past weekday time (6:40 am) to take Oscar to get his claws trimmed at the vet at 8:00 am. (We do not want want a repeat of the ingrown dewclaw incident of October past.) Then we scooted to work (right next door) to get the information for a CD that sold on Amazon and to the PO to mail it. Oscar's so good in the car, he settles in his carrier and doesn't make a peep.

Back home, while Oscar huffed around reestablishing his dominance, (lest anyone forgot in the 45 minutes he was gone, heh), I rearranged the furniture, and... put it right back.

A three mile walk was next, then to Dogstar for a tattoo photo shoot now that it's completely healed; back home for a couple of hours, and finally, Yum Yum Supper Club for the last supper.

The first course:
-House cured Ham salad on benne seed cracker, soft herb salad (so good)
-Deviled farm egg, fried Ashley farms chicken skins, hot sauce (so good x two)
-Cornmeal cake, Ashe county cheddar pimento cheese, pickled celery hearts,
-Buttermilk biscuit, local apple jam, aged white cheddar

There were fantastic drinks involving moonshine, chai, ginger beer, lavender syrup, rosemary, bourbon and a bunch of other stuff in various combinations. Plus beer from Fullsteam and wine. 

Second course was a delicious watercress salad with honey roasted beets, toasted pecans, goat cheese, and grapefruit.

Third course: sausages in a yummy red bean concoction served over rice.

Fourth course: salted chocolate chess pie with caramel sauce (straw please!) and whipped cream. Holy mother of pearl was that good.

I didn't take any pictures of the food. Took lots of the decorations instead.

Today is definitely a pajama day!

Fairy lights on the floor

Balloons and paper lanterns

Reflection of the lanterns in the window - with flash

Reflection - without flash